Don’t know much about the event? Want to gain some insights from the ‘party’ of the 2022 Adelaide 24 Hour Festival (include the 6 hour, 12 hour, and 24 hour subevents)? Check out these interview clips of runners, crew, supporters, and volunters from the 2022 Festival – complete with reflections, event descriptions, insights, and advice.

Adrian Kuta, 24 Hour Finisher

New to the ultra running scene (and the running scene in general!), Adrian Kuta ran for his very first ultra a mere 5 months after he took up the hobby of running — and registered for it before he even did his first marathon! He didn’t choose to sign up for an ‘easy’ ultra, either. Rather, he decided to go full throttle and ‘jump in the deep end’ (as he called it!) with a 24 Hour entry. Less than 5 months after he started running!

Watch the full interview (to be posted soon) for his unique story – or watch short clips from the video.

Part 1 – Intro to Video & Adrian’s History with Running

Part 2 – Might As Well as a 24 Hour

Part 3 – Adrian’s Motivation

Part 4 – Running for 5 Months

Part 5 – Way Too Ambitious

Part 6 – Felt Surprisingly Good After

Part 7 – Describe the Experience

Part 8 – Advice

Part 9 – Suffering

Part 10 – Interviewer Gets Interviewed

Part 11 – Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Part 12 – Motivational Signs

Final Clip – Would you recommend this event to others?

Adam Travers, 28 Hour Volunteer

Adam Travers is known in SA as an ultra runner – and just as known as a volunteer at ultra events. He has run in Heysen and the Ultra Adelaide. His volunteer resume includes Ultra Adelaide, Irrational South 200 Miler, and the Adelaide 24 Hour Festival – volunteering at the latter for at least two years in a row! For 2022, Adam volunteered the length of the entire race, from the 6am Saturday start of the 6 hour to the 10am Sunday close of the 24 Hour, equalling 28 consecutive hours of volunteering! We caught up with him after the event to get some of his insights into what the event is like, what motivates him to support the runners to such an extreme, and what insights he’s gained over the years for distance runners..

Goals as a volunteer

(More) Goals as a volunteer

Wearing a Pink Suit


Anyone can do a 24 hour

What’s the worst that can happen?

Kym Williams, ‘Legend’ & Volunteer

Kym is known throughout the South Australia running scene – and has been since 1982. A friendly and familiar face to all, Kym is no ‘mere’ supporter. Rather, Kym has conquered nearly every ultra in Adelaide’s history – from Yurrebilla to Heysen to the 24 Hour. He’s even held ‘legend’ status in the Heysen and Adelaide 6/12/24 hour from most of their existence. He’s even achieved a 100+km run in the 12 hour and a 160+km run (over a hundred miles!!) in the 24 hour. What does it take to maintain ‘legend’ status? Well, a legend is someone who runs an event every year from its inception. Having been a runner in Heysen AND the Adelaide 6/12/24 until the most recent year, Kym continued to share his support of the iconic events through volunteer roles. In his interview, Kym imparts his advice on how to handle such a difficult event — and what kind of traits will assist a runner in going strong. (Hint: the key traits are willpower and patience).

What’s it like running loops?

Stacey Miller, 6 Hour Finisher

A ‘fun runner’ for the last few years, Stacey has gradually built her distance up from 10km to half marathon and has even done a 6 hour in the past. Signing up for this 24 Hour Festival (in the 6 hour distance), she had one goal in mind – to see if she could reach a marathon distance for the first time. A great watch for anyone relatively new to running, Stacey talks about achieving her goal and offers recommendations for anyone considering the event but uncertain of their abilities.

Part 1 – Intro

Part 2 – I Thought That’s Crazy

Part 3 – Describing the Experience

Part 4 – Determination

Part 5 – Training v Determination

Part 6 – Motivational Signs

Final – Would you do it again?